Book: 1942, Australia’s Greatest Peril

December 09, 2008

Dear Mr Wurth,

I have just been browsing your book 1942, and note I am quoted in it.

You certainly did not contact me about using any material I may have written, but you still managed to get it wrong.

On page 230, you have me as a Lieutenant in Canberra, at that time I was a Sub Lieutenant, you have me joining the Service in 1939, in fact I joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Cadet Midshipman in January of 1936.

My biography on my web site AHOY clearly states that.

I find it most annoying when the wrong detail is published, and the correct material is readily available if I had been approached.

Mackenzie Gregory.

Dear Mr Gregory,

This is to inform you have I have made those two very minor adjustments to the text of the book that you have mentioned, as the book 1942 is about to be reprinted.

I should also mention that I had no contact details for you at the time of writing and that your words had already appeared in the public domain.

I trust that I have quoted you correctly in the main thrust of the story as it refers to you.

Thanks for your earlier corrections.
With best regards, 
Bob Wurth

Hello Bob,

My thanks for that, your book is obviously going well to reprint so quickly. It was an interesting time in our Australian History, and these details need to be recalled for future generations. 

Good luck with the second edition.

Best regards, 

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