Bernard Eades mentioned in the book Sailors In Cages

February 8, 2013

Hi Mac

I came across the comments on your Web page regarding the book Sailors In Cages. My grandfather was also mentioned in several pages Bernard Eades. My Grandfather was from Bath UK same as Roger I enjoyed the book and the antics my grandfather got up to smearing the German guards cycle.

My question is why is this book so hard to get hold of. I am lucky enough to have 2 copies one being hardback, the other being the actual proof copy wrapped in brown paper as they did in those days. It was only in the last couple of years that i realised that it was the proof copy and stamped not for resale would this be of any value would be interested to know ?

hope you can help with my query

Pam Eades


Nice to hear from you.

I think that Sailors in Cages was printed a long time ago ( I have a signed copy ) Its print run was also probably limited, so the book is now out of print, thus both difficult to locate a copy, and very expensive if you do.

Its great that your Grandfather gets a mention, that would make your copies very special.

I would think a proof copy might well attract interest, as a suggestion you might put it up on E-Bay and seek offers, that would give you some indication.

I found a copy recently on the Internet and they were asking about $60 as I recall.


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