Bell inscribed 'Graf Spee' and '1939'

December 13, 2011


I have just come across your site and the correspondence from a lady called Pearl and yourself regarding a bell inscribed 'Graf Spee' and '1939'.

The reason being is that I 'googled' "Graf Spee bell', as I also have a bell that appears to be the same or very similar to Pearl's - although Pearl's bell appears smooth, whereas mine is slightly textured.

Interestingly Pearl mentions that she traced hers back to a pub in St Albans Hertfordshire, UK - mine was found under very old storage in the cellar of a pub in Cambridgeshire, not too far north of St Albans.

There may be an interesting story here somewhere?



Thank you for your mail.

You would be aware of a number of these Memorial bells turning up around the world.

As you probably know it my belief these bells were cast as a Memorial to the great Graf Spee, and the date 1939 refers to her demise at the Battle of the River Plate in that year.

Interesting in UK most of these bells appear to have been at one time hung in country Pubs,

Perhaps they were used to signal TIME at the end of each trading day.

The Season's greetings,


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