Bell commemorates Graf Spee's" successful start to WW2

March 24, 2009

p/s graf spee 1939

Good Afternoon Mac,

Having just been given one of the above bell's, I can possibly add some information.

The thought is that the bells were struck to celebrate the "Graf Spee's" successful start to WW2, to be sold as souvenirs, apparently as she was scheduled to return to Germany, unfortunately she didn't make it (Oh dear -what a shame -never mind!)

How did I come into possession?

A Senior Rate on the current HMS "Nottingham" found it and presented it to the Survivors of HMS Exeter" (1930 - 42).

Its history also stems from late-war and just post-war Germany.

Its future is that it will be presented on loan to the Exeter White Ensign Club.

One query - if a bell rope is fitted, what colours? German tricolour, or the Good old Red, White & Blue?


Tom Jowett


Thank you for that extra information.

I have always believed these bells were cast in remembrance of a great ship.

As to a bell rope, I suggest a plain rope be made, and not a coloured one.

In our main ship's bell we tended not to colour them, it just might, in my view, detract from the overall simplicity of the bell.

Best wishes,

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