Athol Johnstone in the Menelaus was chased by the Germain raider Michel

December 12, 2010 

Thank you for your article regarding the German raider Michel.

My father (Athol Johnstone) mentioned the incident regarding the ship he was in, The Blue Funnel Menelaus.

Although as you say, the Menelaus was chased by the Michel and its torpedo boat it managed to escape.

My father knew very little of the incident as I believe he was 2nd engineer at the time and was in the engine room. 

All he knew was that they had to make the Menelaus move faster than she ever had........

Thank you again for colouring in this little incident in our families history.

Alan Johnstone


So pleased Ahoy was able to help with some family history, and thank you for going to the trouble of writing, it is always nice to hear when we are of some use to someone out there in internet land.

Have a great Chistmas.


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