At Andrew's Uniting Church, Brisbane, they have 2 banners: a viking type ship and an anchor

January 07, 2009

Hello Mac,

I've been listening watching the Messiah on Youtube. Always a good thing to do So, one of the best is at Brisbane.

At Andrew's Uniting Church they have these 2 banners a viking type ship and an anchor.


What's the story with that?



Here is the response from St Andrews about the flags on display.


Hello Mackenzie

Thank you for your enquiry. These images on green banners are hung during the season of Pentecost in the ecclesiastical year.

The ship represents our journey on the sea of life. A ship needs an anchor - our faith. St Andrew, a disciple, was a fisherman.

There are stories of Jesus on the lake. Paul travelled by ship on his missionary journeys.

The Book of Hebrews contains a reference to the "anchor of the soul". (Heb 5: 19).

Best wishes for 2009,

Noel Adsett
on behalf of St Andrew's Uniting Church, Brisbane
Brisbane   QLD   40000
WEB WWW.SaintAndrews.org.au

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