Assistance needed for building models of Sydney 1, Emden, Canberra and Australia plus the original Australia

April 04, 2009

Hello Mac

I only made 10 on request as I was a bit wary of the feelings of relatives of the lost crew of Sydney and as my project was to ensure Sydneys were available to relatives and kept to preserve Australian Naval history. I have one at the moment which I may put up for sale. I have however been requested by many to bring in more. As previous pic they would be in case like Sydney. It will depend on price but I have approached supplier for a quote for a few plus the Perth/Hobart as I believe they should not be forgotten.

My aims are then for Sydney 1, Emden, Canberra and Australia plus the original Australia the battle cruiser.

Canberra and Australia are an issue as the boys only have molds and equipment for the Counties that were modiified. They are looking at upgrading their version of Sydney 1 for me and they have made a model of the Seaplane Carrier Albatross.

I certainly appreciate all support I can get as it is not a commercial venture due to low volumes, dealing in Euros and ships are handcrafted so labour intensive.

My ultimate aim is to make the 1/1250 class with all ships in range available to Australia's I have established the connections. If I could get more support and I am trying Navy, Foreign office for embassies or a large company it would be great because putting models in cases although expensive
preserves them for history. They are not cheap but good quality and through time they will be collectors pieces as well as family momentos.

I can virtually get any navy ship from 1900 to 1945 but can only order only in bulk. I can also get ships without cases or even the full deal Spider Navy ones but they are very expensive. I made the Sydneys as a special derivitive of the Sider range to keep cost down.

Your help has been valuable and appreciated. Perhaps you could mention my plans and people can contact?


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