Ashtray with a ship and underneath is the name “Canberra"

Dear sir,

In my possession I have a small ashtray, background made of electric blue butterfly wings.  There is a ship and underneath is the name “Canberra”.  If you or anybody collecting memorabilia would like it please send me the address.  You are welcome to have it.

Annette Kuhn


Thank you for your email and kind offer.

I suspect your ash tray is from the merchant ship Canberra, rather than from HMAS Canberra, the 8 inch gunned cruiser in which I was sunk in August of 1942. Are you able to scan a picture of it and send it to me by email please, or describe the ship?

Are there any guns visible for example?

Here is a picture of SS Canberra:

SS Canberra
Should it prove to be SS Canberra, I have no interest in your ash tray thank you.

Again I am grateful for your trouble in contacting me.

Best wishes,

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