Archibald Kenneth Smith DSM Chief Petty Officer

April 7, 2013

dear sir.

my grandad is Archibald Kenneth Smith DSM ( he was called Tommy ) he served with the RAN for twenty one years , his service number was 19101.

sadly i never met him as he passed in 1962.

a great deal of his service was in HMAS Canberra and from there to the corvettes.

Is there an historian you would recommend to research his service records for me , i am able to view these and save from the government site however i would love to access items such as ships logs etc as to get a better picture of his time at sea.

i would dearly love to hear from someone who may have served with him ,  that would be an extra special moment.

I am very humbled by the enormous efforts of all involved during those terrible days of war . lest we forget.

any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. 

yours sincerely
matt whittaker

Some details of HMAS Canberra 1
. HMAS Canberra (I33/D33)

Her log would have gone down with her when sunk at Savo.

Regret I cannot recommend an historian for you.

I will mail Corvette details in another E-Mail.



Website National Archives of Australia WW2 Your Grand Dad's RAN Certificate of Service is attached.


Bathurst class corvettes


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