Another Graf Spee commemorative bell

November 28, 2010


I have just been emptying my mother in laws cellar and found a twin to your (Graf Spee commemorative bell).

It had been hung in a pub in Settle and when she left it she took it and stored it in the cellar.

Have you found any more about it.  Now there are two!

Hope to hear from you soon

Hazel Ronson
North Yorkshire


Your bell is at least the 7th of its type I am aware of around the world.

I think they were cast in Germany as  a souvenir to remember a great ship German pocket battlrship Graf Spee.

The year 1939 on these bells is  the year she was defeated at the Battle of the River Plate by three British Cruisers, and her Captain scuttled her at Montvideo.

These bells are a fine reminder of a wonderful ship lost through the vagaries of WW2.

Thank you for getting in touich with me.

Best regards.

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