Alfred William HAZELL, was an Able Seaman on the Voltaire when it down

October 03, 2009

Dear Mac

Many thanks for your website.

My father, Alfred William HAZELL, was an Able Seaman on the Voltaire when it down. I think he had something to do with the gunnery, but like so many other servicemen he was very reluctant to talk about the war. I have been trying
to find out about the Voltaire for a number of years but only recently did I find your website.

I have learnt more from that than anything I knew before, & I also learnt about the existence of the book 'Sailors in Cages'. I managed to locate a copy of that in New Zealand & it was delivered to me in only 15 days. I 'm well into it already & finding it quite fascinating, my only disappointment with it is that it has no pictures. I have a photo of some of the POWs doing some sort of concert(?) which I am attaching. My father is the bridegroom(?).

Click to enlarge
Click to picture to enlarge.

Unfortunately I cannot put names to any of the other men, perhaps some of your readers may recognise a relative. I'm also attaching a copy (poor) of a map of POW camps that I found amongst my mother's keepsakes - I hope somebody finds this of interest.

map of POW camps Click to enlarge
Click to picture to enlarge.

Kind regards
John Hazell


I am so pleased that AHOY was able to help you with regard to the loss of Voltaire. My web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia and I are always happy when we can help a family about a relative, or we might be able to connect people with a common interest.

Thank you for the attachments.

Best wishes


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