Alexander Laing died on the Alcantara

March 23, 2009

Subject: Re Alcantara

Hello I was very interested in some of the information on your web site about the Alcantara. I am in the process of putting together a publication about the people from a parish in Scotland who served in WW2 and as it is nearly finished I am intend to produce a book on WW1 and I have an Alexander Laing from the parish who died on the Alcantara. I wonder may I use some of the information you have.

Thank you

Ann Roots


Of course, in due course I would love to see a copy of your final work.


March 24, 2009
Thank you I will certainly send you a copy. I may have to come back to you as I see some of the info comes from other people so not sure how I would stand with that. It may be a while but I will definitely be back in touch

Byeee for now



About Alcantara from other people, Patricia makes the point: " Hope this is of interest to you and otheres" so to use it does not appear to be a problem.

The report from Captain Wardle is held at the National Archive at Kew, and would be readily available to anyone searching their records, it was also written back in 1916, 93 years ago, once again I do not think you have any problem. 

Best wishes,

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