Albert John Knott, Able seaman and rangefinder lost on Voltaire

Dear Mac

I have come across your site whilst researching the family history. I was immediately drawn to the HMS Voltaire pages as I lost my grandfather on her – Albert John Knott, Able seaman and rangefinder. I was interested in the page sent by Martin Elliget with the addition information, and was wondering if you would like a copy of the original Times notification of the sinking to go with it, as I have a copy of the original newspaper handed down to me from my late father.


John Knott

Thanks for our note, I have your grandfather listed at Number 30 in those killed in the Voltaire action, he is reported as a Leading Seaman, the next rate up from an AB.

I would like a copy of the original Times notification please, it all adds to gaining a bigger picture, and I have been suprised at the interest that flowed from my first piece on AHOY about this uneven struggle against the German Armed Raider.

With best wishes, particularly for the festive season soon to arrive.
Mac. Gregory.

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