Al Monroe, signalman in USS Canberra

November 16, 2009

Hi There

I just came across your web site on the Canberra and it is really terrfic. I put the ship in commision back in
1943 the USS Canberra that is.

Don't know if you collect things from the ship but would send you some if interested. I was a signalman on board
till Feb.1946

Al Monroe


Good to hear from you, yes please, anything you may send me would be appreciated.

Best wishes from Australia,


November 21, 2009

Subject: Canberra

Hi Greg

I sent you two things. the one wth the twentyth reunion has our ships logo.We had that one painted on our signal bridge the other one was put on after the war ended.

Note the bandage on the tail that was to show that we had been damaged.

Hope you find them interesting.

Let me know when you get them.I sent them the 19 of Nov.



Thank you, I will write again as soon as your items arrive.

All the best,

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