Advice (as a naval officer) about some operational procedures that I'm not quite clear about?

5 October 2010

Dear Mackenzie,

Firstly, may I congratulate on your excellent website... it's full of incredible articles and amazing insights. My mother and father both served in the RAF (WRAF) throughout WW2 and that time has accordingly held a special place of interest for my family.

The reason I'm contacting you is that I plan to write an historical fiction about a US naval officer, partly set in the Pacific actions of WW2  - in which you served. I've spent 5 months researching - reading 18 books on selected subjects, visiting many libraries (including the British Library here in London) and, of course, drawing down numerous articles from the Web.

I wondered if I could please ask your advice (as a naval officer) about some operational procedures that I'm not quite clear about?

These would be along the lines of how warships of that time operated during combat situations (i.e. speeds,  manoeuvring, communications, etc)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
Simon Laffy


I will be pleased to help  if I can.

Thank you for your kind  words about AHOY, a joint  effort with Terry Kearns, my Atlanta Georgia Web Master.

He takes my research and writing and puts it up on AHOY so that anyone who comes across our site may read what they wish.

Best wishes,


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