A M A Thomson went on the HMS Dasher

September 05, 2009

Hello Sir,

I was wondering if you could tell me how to get ahold of the person who wrote in your blog about having in his possession articles that belonged to AMA Thomson that went down on the HMS Dasher? You see I believe I am related to this man through my Mother and I would be interested in seeing if this Max of St. Andrews, Fife, would be interested in selling. I was doing a search on the HMS Dasher to find more info about my cousin--as I live in the U.S. And lo and behold there was what I believe is my cousins name right there in GOOGLE! If you could help me I would be grateful. Thank you in advance.
Vicki Messinis



Re this E Mail from Vicki in the US would like to get in touch with her directly please.

I never give out my correspondent's mail address without their formal consent.

Best wishes, 

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