3rd class fare for SS Oronsay in 1929?

April 16, 2013

Hi,  Ive been “tracking” down a relative of mine who went to Australia to join the Army.

I joined “Find my Past” and there was a passenger list, and I found out he went from Port of London to Sydney   July 1929 3rd class.

Can you tell me how much the fare would have been.

He was 17yrs old

Mrs Lynn hunter


SS Oronsay 1925 SS Oronsay was an ocean liner built for the Orient Steam Navigation Company.

It was launched by Viscountess Novar in 1924. Her maiden voyage started on 7 February 1925 from London to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.Wikipedia Launched: August 14, 1924

I believe the third class fare would have been about 21 Pounds.

Mackenzie Gregory

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