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Under Water Warfare The Struggle Against the Submarine Menace 1939 -1945
The Atlantic Star 1939-1945

The Atlantic Star 1939-1945
To quote from Dorling's book "Ribbons and Medals"

This campaign medal was struck for those who served in that theater. and, - "The ribbon, watered and shaded blue, white, and sea green, was designated as a symbol of service in the Atlantic. The Star commemorates the Battle of the Atlantic, and was designed primarily for those in Convoys, Escorts, and Anti-Submarine forces, and for fast Merchant Ships sailing unescorted.

It was awarded for 6 months service afloat between the 3rd of September 1939, and the 8th of May 1945, in the Atlantic and Home waters, and to personnel employed in the Convoys to North Russia, and in the South Atlantic West of Longitude 20 degrees East, provided that the 1939-45 Star had first been earned for 6 months service in an operational area".

It is acknowledged that the Atlantic Star was much harder to win than the other Campaign Stars. It was thus consideted one of the most prestigious of the Campaign Stars awarded in W W 2.

I am indeed proud to wear my Atlantic Star earned for service in H.M.A.S. "Australia," in the North Atlantic.

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